Ms Chang, the Chief Executive Officer with Tarō Gomi, one of Japan's most prolific picture-book authors
The Hsin-Yi Foundation was established in 1971 through a donation from the founder of YFY. The Hsin-Yi Foundation set up the first publishing company in Taiwan that focuses on illustrated books and toys for young children. The foundation also created a prize for early childhood literature to promote the creation of literary works in Chinese for young children and stimulate reading habits among young children.

Hsin-Yi has been active in the field of preschool education for over 40 years and accompanied thousands of parents, teachers, and children in their personal growth and development, promoting educational reforms. It is currently the most important organization in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan in the field of preschool education…..more

The 2020 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards Nominees

International Division

The Valley of Ginsengs \ Directors: LOU KA CHOI LEONG KIN

PEARL DIVER \ Directors: Margrethe Danielsen

Felt Love \ Directors:

wrestler \ Directors: KWAK Ki-hyuk

The Kite \ Directors: Martin Smatana

The Kitchlets \ Directors: Clarisse Chua

Happy Banana \ Directors: Reyhane Kavosh Ali Raeis

The Boat No. 5 \ Directors: Reyhane Kavosh

Why Don't You Come? \ Directors: Reyhane Kavosh Ali Raeis

The Lighthouse Man \ Directors: Matthew Walton

Muedra \ Directors: Cesar Diaz Melendez

Reven og Nissen \ Directors: Yaprak Morali Are Austnes

Blanket \ Directors: Marina Moshkova

The little Bird and the Bees \ Directors: Lena von Döhren

The Night Weaver \ Directors: Katelyn Rogers

You can Fly! \ Directors: Sung Bae Park

KRING! \ Directors: Hilmi Ismail

Big and Small \ Directors: Natalia Grofpel

The 7 Kids \ Directors: Marina Karpova

The Witch & the Baby \ Directors: Evgenia Golubeva

The Little Boat That Wanted to Fly \ Directors: Ekaterina Filippova

Warm star \ Directors: Anna Kuzina

Merry grandmas \ Directors: Natalia Mirzoyan

The Lazy Dragon \ Directors: Fokion Xenos Joan Zhonga

BLOATED \ Directors: Baptiste Tassin

My Little Prince \ Directors: Arif Maharramov

BLEUET \ Directors: Amaury d’ Arcangues Paul Calvier Léa Rocton Thomas Ruiz

Ballad of music notes \ Directors: Xi Chengzhuo

Cornstalk \ Directors: Anastasiia Zhakulina

Truffles \ Directors: Katerina KarhankovaAlexandra Majova

Tobi and the Turbobus \ Directors: Verena Fels

The Tree Has Been Planted \ Directors: Irene Blei

The Jolly Jesters - The Filth \ Directors: Jérémie Malavoy Jérémy Boulard-LeFur Paul Bourgois

The Elephant's Song \ Directors: Lynn Tomlinson

The Kindergarten Show \ Directors: Loic Bruyere

Mister Biscuit \ Directors: Pieter Gaudesaboos Axel Jacobs Gerrit Bekers

Out There \ Directors: Judit Orosz

The Dust \ Directors: Dace Riduze

Migrants \ Directors: Hugo Caby Antoine Dupriez Aubin Kubiak Lucas Lermytte Zoé Devise

Adoption \ Directors: Mathile Vollekindt Baptiste Reszel Kim-Chi Segard


DEAR FOREST \ Directors: Claire Eyheramendy Simon Duclos Pauline Gregoire

Story of a Beginning \ Directors: Balaram J

RenaiDance \ Directors: Zhike Yang Wenjie Wu Han Chen Chang

The Best Place in the World \ Directors: Irina Tarasova

LEA'S SECRET \ Directors: Rico Gutierrez

Ailin on the moon \ Directors: Claudia Ruiz

The Plastic Turtle \ Directors: Miguel León Claudia Osejo

Solitaire \ Directors: Edoardo Natoli

Fussel \ Directors: Alex Berweck

The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr. Jay \ Directors: Bruno Caetano