Ms Chang, the Chief Executive Officer with Tarō Gomi, one of Japan's most prolific picture-book authors
The Hsin-Yi Foundation was established in 1971 through a donation from the founder of YFY. The Hsin-Yi Foundation set up the first publishing company in Taiwan that focuses on illustrated books and toys for young children. The foundation also created a prize for early childhood literature to promote the creation of literary works in Chinese for young children and stimulate reading habits among young children.

Hsin-Yi has been active in the field of preschool education for over 40 years and accompanied thousands of parents, teachers, and children in their personal growth and development, promoting educational reforms. It is currently the most important organization in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan in the field of preschool education…..more

The Awarded Films of 2016 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards

International Division / Top Prize
《Fox Fears》Director:Miyo Sato / Japan

Taiwan Division / Top Prize
《See You》Director:Man-Yun Chen/Taiwan

Taiwan Division / Honored Mention
《Dreamer》Director:Amy Wang / Taiwan
The 2016 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards Nominees

Nominees for International Division

《Dado》Director / Donna M Partha
《Feathers》Director / Eustace
《First Snow》Director / Lenka Ivančíková
《Fox Fears》Director / Miyo Sato
《Habitat》Director / Nadasdy
《I am not a Mouse》Director / Evgenia Golubeva
《Mijndert》Director / Guido
《Minoule》Director / Prototypes
《Moving Out》by John Han & Seohee Choi
《Nino & Felix》Director / lorenzo
《Paper Mates》by Animation Studio Parovoz
《Question To My Fingers》Director / Ineke Goes
《Tekkol》Director / Jorn Leeuwerink
《The Chimney sweep》Director / Prototypes
《THE GIFT》Director / Kohei Kajisa
《The Musical Dragon》Director / Camille Müller
《The one who tamed clouds》Director / Prototypes
《Trial & Error》Director / Antje
《Unmasked》by Alice Gavish & Christina Faraj

Nominees for Taiwan Division

《DREAMER》Director /Amy Wang
《Bear Alone》Director /ZIH YUN HUANG
《Explorers》Director / CHIEN-AN,CHOV
《Good night》Director / Chen Hsin
《Griefly 》Director / Ying-Yu Lin/BUBU Lin
《Jeff Came From The Parcel》Director /CHANG WEI-TING
《Little Stone Lion》Director / TANG CHEN
《NaNaKo》Director / Chen, Kuan-Ling
《Noon》Director / Tzu-Hsin Yang
《Red-Bean Cake》Director / WANG HSIAO YEN
《See You》Director / CHEN, MAN-YUN
《SneezeJumper》Director / kuan_ju chen
《The Persimmon Tree》Director / YEH,CHAO-CHUN
《The Sense of Spic》Director / CHIANG,HSIN-PING
《The Shadowy Forest》Director / SU,JIA-YI
《TigerGod》Director / Pan,Ying
《To Monster 》Director / Hsu.Ling-Chi
《True Colour》Director /Hui-Chun Yeh
《What A Peaceful Day》Director /Eden Chan