Ms Chang, the Chief Executive Officer with Tarō Gomi, one of Japan's most prolific picture-book authors
The Hsin-Yi Foundation was established in 1971 through a donation from the founder of YFY. The Hsin-Yi Foundation set up the first publishing company in Taiwan that focuses on illustrated books and toys for young children. The foundation also created a prize for early childhood literature to promote the creation of literary works in Chinese for young children and stimulate reading habits among young children.

Hsin-Yi has been active in the field of preschool education for over 40 years and accompanied thousands of parents, teachers, and children in their personal growth and development, promoting educational reforms. It is currently the most important organization in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan in the field of preschool education…..more

The 2018 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards Nominees

Nominees for International Division

A Priori \ Maïté Schmitt
Ano Neno Kabocha: Japanese Word Games \ Miyo Sato
Ant \ Bianca Just
BaDaBoo: the boat trip \ Glenn D’Hondt
Belly Flop \ Jeremy Collins, Kelly Dillon
Boo the cat and the Good Boy \ Animation Studio Parovoz
Coco's Day \ Tatiana Moshkova
Dumpling \ Siti Lu
Ella, Oscar & Hoo “The Treasure Map” \ NORMAAL ANIMATION
Fairy-Teens. Storm at home \ Marina Burlachenko
Hug me. That special day \ Zofia Jaroszuk
I like to…\ Serviço Educativo
I want to live in the Zoo \ Evgenia Golubeva
Kippkopp in the grass \ Szilvia Fabók
Lemon & Elderflower \ Ilenia Cotardo
Little Red Riding Hood \ Martina Holcová
Manolo \ Abel Ringot
Nutz Denis \ Alenti
Patchwork Rhino \ Bianca Just
Raccoon and the Light \ Hanna Kim
Red Apple \ Ana Horvat
Sleepless Night \ Yoav Ofer
Stuffed \ Élise Simoulin, Édouard Heutte, Clotilde Bonnotte, Anna Komaromi, Marisa Di Vora Peixoto, Helena Bastioni
Tailored \ Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner
That's better(Robot) \ Shiva Momtahan
The Fruits of Clouds \ Katerina Karhankova
The Grickles - A very Special Collection \ Kristóf Jurik, Géza M. Tóth
The Kitten From Lizyukov Street \ Aleksey Zamyslov
The orangish tree \ Amir Houshang Moeini
The Stained Club \ Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier
The Theory Of Sunset \ Roman Sokolov
Trunky \ Ekaterina Filippova
Twin Islands \ Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot, Fanny Teisson
Two trams \ Svetlana Andrianova
Underground City \ Joanna Polak
What Is Your Opinion? \ Maryam Shojaee

Nominees for Taiwan Division

A Gong \ Yen-Chen,Liu
A Little Flower’s Wish \ Jun-ming,Guo、Sung, Wu
AQUACAT \ Lo, Yu-Chun
Blossom \ Yi-Ting,Wang
Daisy \ Yu Yu
Fisso \ Jing-Yi,Low(Raito)
Fluffy \ Man-Ning,Huang
Fried Taro\ An-Yu,Li
Give Me the Honey/Chen-Shang,Chen
Gone with The Word \ Chi-Chun,Yang
Hide in Thy Alley\ Chun-Yu,in,
House Heart \ En-Qi,Yang
My Little Boys - Swimming \ Jack,Shih
Pigeon Express \ Kuan-Ling,Chen
Shall We Hang Out? \ Ni-Chien,Chen
The Silver Lining \ Chang-Xi,Lu
The Splendid Adventure of Otter \ Jen-Hsien,Yang
The Tree of Life \ Yu Hsuan,Chen
Trouble Paper \ Chia-Ho,Shen
Yu-Lai \ Tong-Chiao,yang

The Awarded Films of 2017 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards

International Division / Top Prize

Taiwan Division / Top Prize
《Hot Spring》Director: RIU,YIEN-YU / Taiwan

Taiwan Division / Honored Mention
《VERGE》Director:Chingtien Chu / Taiwan
The 2017 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards Nominees

Nominees for International Division

The Cook-Off \ Hanna Cho
Where's Ronald? \ Jorn Leeuwerink, Robin Aerts, Emma van Dam
LOONEY FOODZ! \ Paolo Gaudio
I think I love you \ Xiya Lan
land without evil \ Katalin Egely
Polychrome \ Negareh Halimi, Amin Malekian
Running Sushi \ Stepan Etrych, Jan Petrak
Boxi: Investigation \ Árpád Koós
Full color \ Ario Saffarzadegan
Volcano Island \Anna Katalin Lovrity
Misho & Robin "Camping" \ Denis Alenti, Vjekoslav Zivkovic
The Sled \ Olesya Shchukina
The Story of a Motorbike \ JunQing DuanMu
Tokri (The Basket) \ Suresh Eriyat
Big Booom \ Marat Narimanov
The Big Adventure of a Little Line \ Antoine Robert
1.27m \ Flora Caulton
The Unbelievable Narrator \ Melissa Chin
Lego Aventure in the city \ Rogier Weiland
Blanket Tale \ Maria Kuzmenko
The House \ Veronika Zacharova
Tale of a Seed \ Yawen Zheng
THE TOTS (DROBCI) \ Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss
Please Frog, just one sip \Diek Grobler
The Last Leaf \ Olya Golubeva
Monsters don't exist \ Ilaria Angelini, Luca Barberis Organista, Nicola Bernardi
Small forest stories \ Veronika Fedorova
Tiribi, the new home \ Susie lou Chetcuti
Stars \Han Zhang
ISLAND \ Robert Löbel
LINK \Robert Löbel

Nominees for Taiwan Division

Popsicle \ Tzu-Hsin Yang
Ah-Choo \ Jane Chang
Understand?Understood. \ Wen-Jin, Lee
My Little Sister \ TING HSUAN CHANG
VERGE \ Chingtien Chu
The Mice War \ Yu Shu Liu
The Monster \ Chih-Ling, Liu
THE BLANKET \ Pei Chi, Chen
東北愛之戀 \ Jia-Yuan Fan
Green Whistle \ Sheng-Yun Shie
Memory of Plume \ Lan, Pei-Zhu
Bart \ Huang Yun-Sian
The Day I Grow Up \ Liu Hung Chi
Jumping Spider \ YANG-HUI-SHAN
Hot Spring \ Amy Liu
霾哥來了 \ Ho-Ting Wei
Clumsy Nose \ HUANG, PEI-SHAN
Bouncing Spores \ Yiwen Liu
Slant the Sapling \ Guo Jun-ming
Little Me, Little World \ Wu, Cheng-Yuan
暑假作業簿 \ Wu, Yu-Jie
Blindly \ Lin,shu-yen
Wish \ Liu,Ting-An